About Us

At ABIMS Fertility & Andrology, we empower and assist fertility clinics and centers, infertile couples, and individuals by offering a
comprehensive platform for fertility solutions.

We specialize in diagnosis and investigation of infertility through advanced reproductive techniques.Our 26 years of leadership and innovation in medical laboratory science practice in Nigeria are marked by successful setting up and pioneering first ultra modern diagnostic andrology laboratory fully equipped with latest technology.

ABIMS Fertility is a full-service Medical Referral Laboratory located in Ikeja, Lagos.

The laboratory is staffed with highly qualified and experienced team who are professionals in the field of Medical Laboratory Science to provide wide range of comprehensive test menu capabilities service which include health screening, fertility testing, hormonal profile, Medical Laboratory routine & special tests, Andrology services & Sperm Function Tests and Consultancy services in Medical Laboratory Practice.

We provide medical laboratory information required for diagnosis and treatment of clinical indications.

  • Fertility Prognosis &
  • Infertility Diagnosis.
  • Cryopreservation
  • Medical Laboratory Services
  • Casa : Computer Assisted Sperm Autoanalyzer.
  • Fertility Profiling.
  • Sperm Function Tests.
  • Semen Analysis
  • Hormonal Tests.
  • Fertility Counselling.
  • Professionals Hands On Training In Semen Analysis.
  • Sales Of Andrology Laboratory Kits & Media

To utilize advanced reproductive techniques to help infertile couples create families, providing them with technological solutions that bring hope and the possibility of parenthood.

To offer affordable and high-quality medical laboratory services that provide accurate and precise information for the treatment and management of fertility profiling in both infertile couples and individuals.

Meet Our Director

My name is KEHINDE SAMUEL WOJUADE, and I am a trailblazer in the field of medical laboratory science in Nigeria. As the first medical laboratory scientist to pioneer and bring andrology practice and reproductive techniques to medical laboratory science in Nigeria, I have received numerous local and international awards for my contributions to the field of Reproductive Science.
I am a fellow of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, with a special interest in andrology. I have extensive experience in fertility diagnosis and evaluation, advanced diagnostic andrology tests, and procedures. As an associate member of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, with a current practice license, I am committed to continuously advancing my skills and knowledge in the field of reproductive technology. I am also working towards obtaining a fellowship program.
In addition to my academic credentials, I have obtained certificates from renowned institutions such as Embryology Academy for Research and Training (EART), Mumbai India, and International Institute for Research and Training in Reproductive Health (IIRRH), Bangalore, India.
Recently, I obtained a certificate in Automation in semen analysis (spermolyzer) from Mira Lab, Cairo, in 2022. I have attended over 100 seminars, symposia, and conferences for capacity building and skill acquisitions in medical laboratory practice in reproductive health technology.
I am the CEO and Fertility Scientist of ABIMS Fertility & Andrology, a full-service Medical & Fertility Diagnostic Laboratory located in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who provide a wide range of
comprehensive test menus, including health screening, fertility investigation & profiling, Medical Laboratory routine & special tests, diagnostic Andrology services, Sperm Function Tests, cryopreservation, and scientific and research consultancy services.Our laboratory is equipped with world-class reproductive technology equipment such as Acree 6, lens hook X1 pro (the world’s smallest

Computer Assisted Sperm Autoanalyzer), wondersperm Computer Assisted Sperm Autoanalyzer, Goldsite and Mira Lab spermolyzer, which enables us to provide medical laboratory information required for diagnosis, treatment, and management of clinical indications in reproductive health.
As the National President and founder of Androscientific, a consortium of medical laboratory scientists with a special interest in andrology and reproductive technology, I lead a network of about 300 members across Nigeria.
My aim is to continue contributing to the development of andrology and reproductive technology in Nigeria and beyond.

We work together to advance the field and provide quality services to our patients.

At Androscientific, we strive to advance andrology and reproductive technology practice in Nigeria and provide a platform for medical laboratory scientists to exchange knowledge, skills and collaborate on research.

Other Team Members

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